Kaite Davis

Kaite Davis, late daughter of Jack and Kim Davis, who passed away on July 16, 2001 at the age of 15; she had just completed her freshman year at Grants Pass High School. Kaite was a sweet girl of faith; she was an intelligent and a caring person who loved her family and friends. She was very close with her mother, the two had a special Mother-Daughter relationship.  

Kaite was an accomplished young golfer and on her way to a Division 1 College Scholarship. You would never know that by speaking with her, as she was unassuming, humble and didn’t like bragging about anything, especially herself. That summer, Kaite had was the only girl from the State of Oregon to qualify for the USGA Junior Girls Championship in Kansas City. Unfortunately, she passed away a few days before that event.  

To honor and remember Kaite, her parents established a scholarship fund in 2001 for young people graduating from Grants Pass High School with initial contributions of $18,000. Currently the fund balance is in excess of $110,000.  

Initially each year, a couple of qualifying students were awarded $750 to assist with their studies. Today, two students receive an award of $4,000 each, totaling $8,000 annually in scholarship awards. To date, 52 local kids have now been awarded scholarships totaling over $120,000.    The Davis’ hope to continue to grow the fund so that it becomes an endowed fund and awards grow annually.

Golf tournaments were organized in Kaite’s honor for 15 years as a means to raise funds. However, her father Jack Davis, became enthralled with the sport of Pickleball a few years ago and started organizing an annual charity Pickleball tournament to assist in raising funds for the Kaite Davis Scholarship.  

The Rogue Pickleball Club (PRC) is proud to be the host of the 2022 Kaite Davis Memorial Tournament where 100% of the profit and all direct donations from the tournament goes to the scholarship fund. RPC will utilize club volunteers to maximize the contribution. The Club’s goal is to raise $5000 at this upcoming tournament. 

Mr. and Mrs. Davis are eternally grateful to all of their family, their friends and the pickleball community who have given their support to the Kaite Davis Scholarship and send their “Love to All!”

Previous Award Recipients of the Kaite Davis Scholarship Fund


In 2016, Piedad received a $4,000 award from the Kaite Davis Scholarship fund, which was one of many scholarships she received. In part she used the funds to study abroad and to cover her books and supplies. Piedad graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) with a degree in Psychology. She also received a nursing degree from OHSU in 2021 and is now employed as a cardiac nurse at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.



In 2002, Meaghan was a music and band student who received a $750 scholarship from the Kaite Davis Scholarship Fund toward her attendance at the University of Oregon. In her freshman year, Meaghan was selected to participate in the green garter band, and as a result, she received a full scholarship from the University of Oregon for her remaining 3 years, graduating in 2007 with a degree in Sociology & General Science. Meaghan then attended Bastyr University where she became a Naturopathic Physician in 2013 and now practices in Portland, Oregon.


Tripp received a $1,000 scholarship in 2005 from the Kaite Davis Scholarship fund and used it toward his attendance at St John’s College where he earned a Liberal Arts degree in 2009. Tripp then went onto Harvard Business School where he received an MBA in 2013, before returning to Grants Pass.  He  now works for Dutch Bros as a Sr. Manager responsible for Financial Planning & Analysis. Tripp is also paying his scholarship award forward as he is now a valued member of the Board of Directors of the Josephine County Educational Fund, Inc.

 Tournament Details (updated 1/20/2022 )

The number of participants and teams shown below is based upon using the courts located at Redwood, Morrison and Fruitdale. If the new courts at Reinhart All Sports Park are completed prior to the tournament, then the tournament will be switched to that location for all events.

  Full Divisions: 

       Men’s Doubles 3.5 & 4.0

      Women’s Doubles 3.5,

      Mixed Doubles 3.0 & 3.5  

Friday April 22nd:

   70+ Division: Jamboree Style with a Maximum of 18 Men & Women Players

Saturday April 23rd:

   Redwood Park

     Women’s Doubles 3.0 Division (Morning)

   Men’s Doubles 3.0 Division (Late Morning)

  Fruitdale Park

   Women’s Doubles 4.0 (Morning)

   Women’s Doubles 4.5 (Late Morning)

   Morrison Park

   Men & Women’s Doubles 3.5 (Morning)

      Men’s Doubles 4.0 & 4.5 (Late Morning)

Sunday April 24th:

 Redwood Park

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 (Morning)

  Fruitdale Park

      Mixed Doubles 4.0 (Morning)

    Mixed Doubles 4.5 (Late Morning)

  Morrison Park

       Mixed Doubles 3.5 (Morning)

Division Notes:

1.    Women and Men’s 3.0 Doubles and Mixed Doubles Divisions have a maximum of 9 Teams for each event.

2.    Women and Men’s 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 Doubles Divisions have a maximum of 7 Teams for each event.

3.    Mixed Doubles 3.5 and 4.0 Divisions have a maximum of 14 Teams for each event.

4.    Mixed Doubles 4.5 Division has maximum of 7 Teams each

 Registration Notes:

1.    Rogue Pickleball Club Website and associated applications are currently optimized for computers.

2.    Some Mobile Phones are having issues rendering the Registration pushbuttons; for iPhones and NotePads, turn device sideways to display the pushbuttons. 

3.    Our Tournament Application does not allow already registered players to make changes. Please contact us directly if you are having any difficulty registering or if you are registered and wish to make any changes, including shirt orders, adding division events, donations and notification of partner updates. 

                                                Email: vicepresident@roguepickleball.club   

                                            Kaite Davis Memorial T-Shirts & Hoodies

Men’s and Women’s Tournament Dri Fit T-Shirts are available in short and long sleeve shirts along with a Cotton Hoodie; see sizes and associated prices in the figure below. 100% of all profits generated from the T-Shirt sale will be donated to the Kaite Davis Scholarship Fund. Orders received prior to April 2nd will be available for pick up at the event location on the day of the tournament. 


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