Rogue Pickleball Club is hosting the 2022 Spring Ladder Leagues. These competitive leagues are open to all ages and skill levels between 2.75 to 4.0 players who are members of the club. Games began on Thursday, March 24th for the 3.5 / 3.75 League and the 3.0 / 3.5 League begins on May 8th.

What is a Ladder League?

A Ladder League is a fun & competitive format of play that matches players of similar skill levels in weekly games against each other. The “Ladder” part of the league describes the ranking of players in the league and determines who they play each week.  Your ranking on a ladder is based upon your total points won.

For Spring 2022, there are two ladder divisions, a 3.5 and a 3.75. At the end of the 3rd and 6th week of play, the top two 3.5 Ladder positions will trade with the bottom two 3.75 positons.

How do Games Work?

Each week players will team with every other player in their division for 9 rounds of play, 8 total games with 1 Bye. Games are played to 11 points, win by 1 point. 

Name1/2 vs 3/41/3 vs 2/41/4 vs 3/2Totals% of Points (45)
Player 1154153476%
Player 21515104089%
Player 364102044%
Player 4615153680%

Player 2 finished in 1st with 89%, Player 4 came in 2nd with 80%, Player 1 is in 3rd place with 76% and Player 3 finished in lasts place with 44%.

Groups of 5
In groups of five, participants play a total of four games (each player has one bye) – changing doubles partners each time. Each game is played to 11 points (for a total of 44 winning points). Below is an  example score card showing order of play, scores for each game and the % of points for each player:

Name2/5 vs 3/41/4 vs 2/35/3 vs 1/24/2 vs 5/13/1 vs 4/5Totals% of Points (44)
Player 1bye11119114295%
Player 2961111bye3784%
Player 31166bye113477%
Player 41111bye1174091%
Player 59bye6973170%

Winners, as in Groups of 4, are determined by % of points won.

How do you rank players and determine which groups people play in?

The Spring Ladder Divisions were set-up to maximize competitive play and knowledge of players skills and abilities was used to place player into the two divisions.  Stronger players in the 3.5 division will have the opportunity to displace the bottom two players in the 3.75 division every 3 weeks.

Group #Total # of PointsGroup Adjusted Total% of Points Won
1 (4.25 - 4.0)4444 x 1 = 44Adjusted Total / 44
Player 1383886%
Player 2303068%
Player 34444100%
Player 4282863%
Player 5323272%
2 (4.0)4545 x .95 = 43Adjusted Total / 45
Player 6403884%
Player 7454396%
Player 8383680%
Player 9201942%
3 (3.5)4545 x .90 = 41Adjusted Total / 45
Player 10151329%
Player 11383476%
Player 12454191%
Player 13272453%
4 (3.5 - 3.0)4545 x .85 = 39Adjusted Total / 45
Player 14383271%
Player 15232044%
Player 16302658%
Player 17443987%

After each week’s play – new rankings will be determined based upon total points scored.

Group #1 (4.25 - 4.0)Group #2 (4.0)Group #3 (3.5)Group #4 (3.5 - 3.0)
Player 3Player 5Player 11Player 14
Player 1Player 2Player 9Player 10
Player 7Player 4Player 17Player 16
Player 6Player 12Player 13Player 15
Player 8

Note – rankings are based all games played (points are cumulative and player ) during the league and not just the week before. 

At the end of the league – how is a winner determined?

Awards will be given to the top 3 Players in each Division based upon the total points scored. There will be an awards ceremony/social at the end of the league!

Do I need to play every week?

We understand that life happens and you might not be able to come for all nine weeks worth of Thursday night games. We have at least one alternate player for each division who will be available to substitute for you given advance notice.  You may also request that another person of similar skill level be your replacement in advance for approval; Nathan Phillips would not be approved as a replacement player for Sue Gebo for example but Sherry Johnson would be approved as a skill level equivalent.  If you are unable to attend, we ask that you please give advance warning such that alternate players can be arranged and score sheets and ladder round combinations can be determine prior to showing up for ladder play.

Note – to be eligible for the end of league prizes you must play in at least 7 of the 9 nights.

Who is Organizing this? Who keeps track of scores?

The Ladder League is being run by the Operations Director for the Rogue Pickleball Club. He will work on seedings, and keep track of game scores, post results and highlights on the Rogue Pickleball Club News page.  

When and Where do games take place? How Many People can Play? does skill level matter? How do I sign up?

Games take place at Morrison Park in Grants Pass between 5:30pm and 8:00pm on Thursday nights beginning March 24 until the new courts at All Sport Park are completed near the end of April.

Each ladder is set up for 9 players and 1 alternate with the goal to match players of similar skill levels – anyone between 3.25 and 3.75 is welcome to join.

Do I have to be a member of the Rogue Pickleball Club in order to play?

Members and Non-Members are welcome to play; Member cost is $15 and Non-Member cost is $30.  We ask that non-members consider joining Rogue Pickleball Club; Visit for details.