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The Rogue Pickleball Club brings together players of all ages and skill levels to share in the joys of America's fastest growing sport
(and our obsession), pickleball.

Community - Fitness Competition - Fun

The Rogue Pickleball Club brings together players of all ages and skill levels to share in the joys of America's fastest growing sport (and our obsession), pickleball.

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  • Members receive early access and discounts on club events, clinics, and tournaments.

  • Member dues help us work with city and county parks when developing new pickleball locations.

Your support helps us promote and grow pickleball in the Rogue Valley!
$20 per year

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As of February 1, 2020:
122 paid members of Rogue Pickleball
193 Users of PlayTimeScheduler

Upcoming Events

Indoor Tournament at Ashland YMCA

The Ashland YMCA has partnered with SOPA to set up a partners’ tournament. There will be four levels—3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5—with 8 teams per level. Entry fee is $40 per team. For more info, click here or contact the Ashland YMCA at 541-482-9622.

When: Saturday, November 2, 2019
Where: Ashland YMCA
Cost: $40 per team

Click HERE to learn more and sign up!

Paddling for Childhood Cancer

A benefit tournament for Faith Kiesling and her family

When: October 25-27, 2019
Where: Henley Tennis Courts | 8245 Hwy 39 | Klamath Falls, OR
Cost: $50 includes on ore two events and t-shirt.

Please support Faith and her family as they battle with cancer.

Click HERE to learn more

Rules, Rules, Rules...

Download a PDF Rulebook

Download a PDF version of the USATF official Pickleball Rulebook. Keep it on your phone for handy access to all the rules.

Buy a printed Rulebook

Easily settle disagreements regarding rules with your own copy of the Official Tournament Rulebook. Spiral-bound, compact and durable.

Test Your Knowledge

Take the Player Test

This 50-question rules test is designed as a fun exercise for players who participate in non-officiated play. Although the rules are the same for recreational and tournament play, when there is no referee to enforce the rules that job falls on the players.

Take the Referee Test

This 75 question Test will test your knowledge of the USAPA Official Rulebook and the USAPA officiating best practice procedures contained in the Referee Handbook and Line Judge Guide.

Take the Line Judge Test

This 40-question review is a tool for pickleball line judges and referees to test their knowledge of the USAPA line judge best practices contained in the USAPA/IFP Line Judge Guide.

If you take one of the above tests, and receive a passing score, forward your results email to, and we'll list your name below as one of the "go to" people when there's a question about the rules.

Player Test Results

David Johnson 100%
Rene Pare 96%
Sandy Milligan 92%
Sabrina Johnson 90%
Jeanette Dewey 86%
Jack Sanders Jr 85%
Melanie Rossetta 82%
Dan Herman 82%
Linda Grey 80%
Galen Garretson 78%
Jason Stockman 76%

Referee Test Results

David Johnson 100%
Brian Anderson 97%
Dee Morris 96%
Sandy Milligan 96%
Ren Kolar 93%
Melanie Rossetta 92%

Line Judge Test Results

Jeff Anderson 100%
David Church 100%
Melanie Rossetta 100%
David Johnson 100%
Mike Amaranthus 97.5%
Clint Hennings 97.5%
Sabrina Johnson 97.5%
Jeanette Dewey 97.5%
Holly Herman 95%
Laurie Hammill 95%
Sandy Milligan 95%
Jack Sanders Jr 95%
Gail Frank 95%
Belinda Richard 95%
Sally Purcell 95%

About Us

Our mission

We are a community based non-profit, Oregon corporation. Our mission:

  • To improve and increase opportunities to play pickleball in Grants Pass and its surrounding areas.
  • To be an organized voice for the pickleball community when approaching city and county parks.
  • To support player development through increased opportunities to play, clinics, and tournaments.
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